Gibson Dam Hydroelectric Project

15 MW renewable hydroelectric project - FERC No. 12478

The proposed 15 megawatt (MW) hydroelectric project, meeting the requirements of The State of Montana Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), would consist of a powerhouse located at the base of Gibson Dam, a maintenance building located 1,400-ft downstream of the dam near existing Reclamation buildings, and a 26-mile long 34.5/69kV transmission line upgrading the existing powerline extending east from the dam to an interconnection point with SREC’s existing 69kV line at Jackson’s Corner.  The project would also include a 34.5/69kV transformation substation situated approximately 10 miles east of the powerhouse and along the transmission corridor. 

The project would generate an average estimated 43,217 MWh of clean renewable hydroelectric energy annually, enough to supply energy to 3,575 households, or the equivalent amount of energy necessary to displace approximately 29,582 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year, amounting to 1,479,100 metric tons of carbon dioxide over a 50 year operating period. Visit FAQ's for more info.

The project would not alter the amount or timing of irrigation water stored or released from the reservoir, would not alter flows in the Sun River below Gibson Dam, and would not change any point of irrigation use, but would merely utilize existing releases for an additional beneficial use, generation of renewable energy.